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With The High Costs Of Running A Trucking Company, Why Add Unnecessary Fines To It?


Every carrier's goal is to avoid the hefty fines served by not complying with the Department of Transportation's (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) regulations. In 2011, $30,674,218 in fines were paid by companies who failed to meet regulations. The average penalty per incident was $5050. These additional costs can be easily waived by...

  • Scheduling and conduction random driver drug and alcohol tests to meet the minimum annual percentage
  • Ensuring all drivers are operating with a valid driver's license
  • Making certain proper material handling procedures are followed
  • Verifying all necessary vehicle licenses and permits are acquired and current
  • Keeping detailed driver trip logs
  • Performing routine inspections and preventive maintenance on vehicles

Failure to conduct random driver drug and alcohol tests can cost on an average of over $2000. Failing to have a current commercial driver's license can result in an average fine of $3750. Truck Tracker Software has an Employee module that assists in keeping detailed historical and current employee licensing, physicals, certifications, training and violation records. Reminders are built into Truck Tracker to prevent any employee from operating equipment illegally due to an expired license, physical, certification or improper training. With these measures in place you can evade being caught unaware and slapped with large penalties.

Every carrier wants to ensure that their on the road vehicle's licenses are up to date and have the correct permits to operate in various municipalities or to haul specific materials. Truck Tracker keeps records of each vehicle's licenses and permits and notifies the user either by e-mail or reports when they are approaching expiration. Using Truck Tracker's Licensing & Permits module you can avoid penalty costs due to operating a vehicle without a valid license or permit.

A driver failing to record or falsifying their Hours of Service and trip details can be fined on an average of $8000 or greater. Utilizing Truck Tracker's Daily Log module helps you document the driver's trip details; trip date and time, departure location and destination, total miles, customer, freight and miles driven in each state. The Daily Log also records the driver's Off Duty, On Duty and Driving Hours per Trip. Tracking trip and driver details will help ensure that you are operating in compliance with the Hours of Service regulations.

Neglecting to perform annual, monthly or daily inspections on commercial vehicles to make certain the vehicles are safe to operate and meet all safety regulations set by the FMCSA can result in extensive costs. Not only is the risk for large fines a strong possibility but also the chances of law suits due to personal injuries and property damages as a result of poor maintenance are increased. Truck Tracker contains a comprehensive PM Scheduler and PM Reminder module that not only records all preventive maintenance and inspections performed but also reminds you before they are due so nothing escapes notice.

Fines are not the only costs associated with non-compliance of DOT FMCSA regulations. Costs are also incurred with the increased frequency and preciseness of DOT inspections, elevated insurance rates, loss of business and reductions of rates due to low CSA scores. By maintaining detailed records on driver's logs, physicals, certifications and training as well as vehicle repair and maintenance the majority of fines can be averted.

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