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To expand a vehicle or piece of equipment's life span, reduce repair costs, maintain safety and maximize uptime, PM services should be performed on a routine basis. This process can be straightforward with the assistance of Fleetsoft software's detailed PM Scheduling feature.

PMs include inspections, scheduled services, preventive repairs or any other type of proactive service performed on a unit to prevent breakdowns.

A PM Service list containing a unique service code, description and service intervals (Days, Meter 1 and/or Meter 2) is a starting point in implementing a PM program.

Once created, the PM Service list can be imported into Fleetsoft. Additional details such as Standard Service Hours, Classification Codes, Notes, Parts Assembly list, documents or PM Links can be recorded for each Service Code.

  • Standard Hours can be used in comparison to Actual Service Hours for performance reporting and work scheduling.
  • VMRS codes can be inserted in the Service Classification fields to provide further details on a fleet's repairs.
  • Service Notes may be used to list instructions or other vital information relating to the service.
  • Parts Assembly will save time by providing the service technician with a full list of parts required to perform the service based on the unit's Year, Make and Model type.
  • Documents such as an Inspection Check List or Service Instructions can be attached to a service code to assist the technician performing the service.
  • Often there are PM Services that overlap one another. PM Links allows the connection of PM Services that have common services. Once one of the linked PM Services is performed, the other will be automatically rescheduled for the next interval.

Fleetsoft has an easy to use PM Grouping feature that provides a simple method for creating the fleet's PM Schedules. Units may be grouped by shared PM Schedules. Create a PM Schedule one time, label it by PM Group Name and apply to all units with the same PM Group Name. This feature also simplifies the process of adding or deleting a PM from the specified PM Group by having the user make the PM Schedule modifications once and apply it to all units within the group.

A Fleetsoft user will always be aware of PMs coming due or past due on their fleet by utilizing several built in features. A PMs Due report, reminders dashboard window, e-mail reminders or alert icons in the vehicle list will inform the user when a unit requires attention.

The additional Reported Problems feature in Fleetsoft allows the driver or employee op0erating the unit to report an unscheduled maintenance issue. The number and costs of reactive services performed on the fleet will be tracked. If a unit has an outstanding reported problem, the end user will be alerted. This feature prevents an outstanding issue to go unnoticed and unsafe machinery to be in operation.

Detailed records are kept of all the fleet's maintenance and inspections performed that can be used to report costs, performance and safety.

Utilizing the extensive Fleetsoft PM Scheduling and Reported Problems features will not only make PM Scheduling easy to implement and maintain, but also increases fleet productivity and safety while reducing repair costs.

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