Fleetsoft DesktopVersion 12 is here!

"Fleetsoft is the total package!"

-Santa Cruz Public works

Fleetsoft Windows Desktop Application

Fleetsoft is tried, true, and more powerful than ever! New features include Gps and Fault Code Integration, Employee Timecard function, Vin Decoding, Inventory Snapshots of counts, Purchase Orders for Outside Service and much more!

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Introducing Fleetsoft version 11

GPS and Fault Codes Integration

Automate Meter Readings, get Diagnostic Fault Code information, and perform DVIR Inspections and create Reported Problems from them! Fleetsoft offers these 3 GPS Integration modules as add-ons

GPS and Fault Codes Integration

Meters - Import miles, hours, and location for the vehicle through your GPS unit.
Fault Codes Integration - Your GPS can send vehicle fault codes to Fleetsoft.  
DVIR - Inspections and Reported Problems. *Only available with Plus Packages*

Employee Timecard

New Timecard function allows Employees to Clock-in and Clock-out!

Vin Decoding

Create new Vehicles and update specs using new VIN Decoder!

Technical Support

Plans offer e-mail and toll-free phone support, updates to current version, and free major version upgrades.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Fleetsoft software pre-installs Microsoft SQL Server as the database backup otherwise you may use your existing SQL Server instance.

Hosting Services

Don't have the infrastucture? Our online hosted versions are available utilizing the software's latest upgrade from any computer.

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Additional Features

More supplemental features are included below and much more!

New Print Previewer

New Print Previewer with enhanced layout, Save As, Print Copies, and Email features!

New Icons and Themes

New icons and updated themes for a more modern look and feel!

Multi-Work Orders Printing

Print Multiple Work Orders/Invoices at once with Batch Printing!

Purchase Orders Enhancement

Create Purchase Orders for Outside Service and Convert to Work Order!

Dashboard Date Range Tool

Customize the Date Range for more flexible Totals on the Dashboard!

Physical Inventory Snapshot

Improved Physical Inventory Process with snapshots of all posted counts!