Version 10 FeaturesFeatures Premiered in Version 10!

Ribbon Toolbars

Organized access to all areas of the software, easily and quickly from one main toolbar.

fleetsoft ribbon toolbar


Use the new alert links and key performance indicators to take action. Interactive charts for high-level analysis and insight into trends.

fleetsoft dashboard kpi charts

Calendar Controls

Interactive PM Scheduling, Work Order, and Purchase Order Calendars. Employee Calendar and more!

fleetsoft calendar views scheduling

Estimates/Work Order Templates

Create and printout estimates for parts and service, and templates for generating work orders.

fleetsoft work orders estimates templates

Easy PM Groups/Campaigns

Manage PM reminders with ease, and track the status of your Campaigns using PM Groups!

fleetsoft preventive maintenance schedule

Suggested Parts Selection

Not the right part? Out of stock? Quickly selected similar parts, cross-references, and previously used parts to get the job done!

fleetsoft inventory suggested parts

Check-in/out Purchase Orders

Receiving a full order or partial order has never been easier. Check-in to inventory, or convert the entire purchase order to a new work order!

fleetsoft purchase order receive check-out

Multiple Mechanics/Service Timers

Record multiple mechanic start and stop times for each individual service performed!

fleetsoft work order service timer

And much more new features and enhancements!

    Multi-Site Transfer Orders

    Import/Export Template Manager

    Enhanced PM Scheduling

    Regional User Security

    Customer Pricing Levels

    Print Vehicle Barcodes

    Employee Calendar

    New Reports