Fleet Maintenance SoftwareFor the Transportation Industry

Fleetsoft Fleet Maintenance Software contains features that help shop managers effectively supervise the work performed, technician's productivity and parts usage. Technicians are able to see what work has to be performed, log in their hours and record what services they have completed along with the parts that were used.
FleetSoft's extensive work order system, advanced preventive maintenance scheduling, noted reported problems and helpful parts assembly provides the detailed information a shop manager needs to proficiently operate the maintenance shop, manage employees, control parts usage and maintain a current up to date status with preventive maintenance.

Work Orders

  • Improve the efficiency of your shop labor and track all possible warranty claims.
  • Update 2 separate vehicle/equipment meters.
  • Instantly notify user of reported problems and PM Services coming due, and applies them directly to the work order. li>
  • Track services performed with mechanic's wage and customer's labor rate.
  • Assign multiple employees to work order by services performed.
  • Automatically check-out parts assembly lists for each service code.
  • Apply labor rate and parts markup percentage to invoice the work performed.
  • Attach parts used to work order as non-inventory item or directly from parts inventory.
  • Automatically adjust parts on hand record in inventory when applied to work order.
  • Automatically update PM schedules when service is performed.
  • Issue part and service credit to a work order.
  • Notify user of core credits and apply them to a work order.
  • Warn when part being replaced on work order is under warranty using same part, cross referenced parts, or VMRS coding classification.
  • Record invoice number and purchase order number if services are performed by outside vendor.
  • Ability to apply taxes to parts and/or labor for invoicing.
  • Record estimated hours for services to be performed and estimated downtime.
  • Track dates the work order was opened, completed and closed.
  • Security settings allow managers to verify the work order before closing.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Optimize your vehicle/equipment performance and decrease downtime by scheduling and performing preventive maintenance regularly.
  • Organize recurring PM services to be performed on a specific schedule by Miles/KM, days, hours, or other type of meter.
  • Create a PM schedule for a group of vehicles and assign the schedule to the entire group.
  • Copy a PM schedule from one vehicle/equipment to another.
  • Track a PM service by two meters (miles/hours/days/other).
  • Warn when PM is coming due using the user defined perimeters.
  • Link PM's that contain the same services so if one is performed the other will be rescheduled for a future date.

Reported Problems

Prevent mechanical problems from going unattended and keep vehicle downtime to a minimum.
  • Record problem in detail by vehicle.
  • Alert of outstanding problem when work order is generated.

Service Parts Assembly

Save time finding the right parts for the job, and eliminate wrong parts being applied to work order and vehicle/equipment.
  • Reference list of parts required for a service.
  • Define parts used for service by year, make, and/or model of vehicle/equipment.
  • Automatically check-out all parts required on a work order at once.

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