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Save up to 20% by Recovering Warranty Costs


Tracking warranties on your fleet and parts can result in significant savings in operational costs. According to Eaton, warranty costs can be as much as 8-20% of repair costs. Warranty tracking directly impacts repair costs, extends life of unit and provides feedback to the OEMs.

The purchase price of vehicles, equipment and parts usually has warranty costs included. Since the warranty costs have been paid for, it only makes sense to recover as much of the cost as possible through warranty claims. Knowing when a service or part is under warranty at the time of performing the service or replacing the part can help in recovering the cost.

Warranty claims provide useful information to OEMs as well. Claims serve as indicators to what products need to be improved to better serve the customers in the future.

Warranty work on a piece of equipment or vehicle is usually outsourced by an authorized provider saving the shop in overhead costs and providing a higher return on investment. By outsourcing warranty work, the shop saves on the costs of…

  • Training people to perform warranty work according to specifications

  • Allocating tech resources to warranty work instead of PM and other ongoing repairs

  • Providing administrators for management of the warranty programs for multiple OEM warranties, policies and procedures.

If you should have the resources to perform the warranty work in house, Truck Tracker allows the technician to document the specific warranty services performed with the actual hours and cost. This detailed information in Truck Tracker can be used to submit a request for compensation from the OEM.

Since warranties have a considerable effect on a fleet’s operation costs, resource allocation and safety, it only makes sense to track it closely. FleetSoft’s Truck Tracker fleet maintenance software program makes it easy for the fleet manager to keep on top of potential warranty claims for the vehicles, equipment and parts with the following features…

  1. Warranty warnings at time of performing a service or replacing a part

    1. Vehicles/Equipment services based off days, meter 1 or meter 2 parameters

    2. Parts replacement defined by days and meter 1 parameters

    3. Core Tracking and Core Credits

  2. Warranty Claim Reports for parts and services

  3. Vehicle Warranty List Report

  4. Detailed information on vehicle specs, repairs and current meter for warranty claim filing

  5. Detailed parts usage history – date parts used, current meter and other details of usage record for warranty claim filing

  6. Report of warranty work performed

Truck Tracker fleet maintenance software can play a key role in identifying possible warranty claims and help in recovering a significant amount of the cost. As a bonus, Truck Tracker’s many Services Performed, Parts Usage, Warranty Claims and Vehicle Cost Reports provide the Fleet Manager with data to determine which vehicle make and/or model, part(s) and components are unreliable, lower quality and more expensive to use. This allows for important decisions to be made in controlling a fleet’s operation costs.

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