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Repair Shop Management Simplified


Some smaller transportation companies must look to an outside source to maintain their fleet of trucks. Doing so, allows the fleet management team to avoid or delay the investment in shop facilities and to focus their attention on core business functions. Fleet Maintenance and Repair Shops are the perfect answer for some fleets’ quandary about how to keep their vehicles on the road without going into the maintenance and repair business themselves. Fleet Maintenance and Repair Shops can provide:

  • Highly trained personnel

  • High tech shop equipment

  • Enhanced parts availability and pricing

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Quicker repair turnaround

This arrangement allows each party to do what they do best…taking good care of their customers.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair Shops can perform preventive and corrective maintenance as well as emergency and onsite repairs to ensure the customer’s fleets have minimal downtime, increased reliability and longer life keeping the fleets on the road and not in the shop.

Truck Tracker fleet maintenance software can be a useful tool to Repair Shops in tracking each customer’s vehicle service and parts usage, warranty information, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs and invoicing. Truck Tracker also helps the maintenance repair shop manage parts inventory to ensure the parts needed for repairs are readily available.

Every time a part is added or a service is performed on a vehicle it is recorded in Truck Tracker. The repair shop has easy access to all service and parts history for each vehicle along with work order details.

Warranties can be recorded for vehicles and parts. When a service is scheduled to be performed on a vehicle that falls under warranty coverage, the shop technician is notified immediately. The same holds true if a part being replaced on a vehicle is under warranty, the technician is instantly notified. The warranty warnings in Truck Tracker help the shop claim warranties and save the customer money on repairs.

A Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PM Schedule) can be set up for each of the customer’s vehicles or group of vehicles. When preventive maintenance is coming due, the customer can be automatically notified via e-mail through Truck Tracker and the repair shop can schedule the service in advance providing a more expedient service to the customer.

While a repair order is opened in Truck Tracker for a vehicle to be serviced, notification of outstanding PM’s due will be provided immediately to the repair shop so the preventive maintenance may be scheduled and performed while the vehicle is in the shop saving the customer repeat trips.

If a problem is found during a PM inspection, corrective maintenance can be performed immediately preventing smaller problems from becoming larger ones and minimizing vehicle downtime.

Emergency repairs can be easily handled by the repair shop in Truck Tracker. An operator of a vehicle notifies the company of a problem that has been observed. The company then proceeds to call the repair shop for an emergency repair. The repair shop can make a note of the vehicle problem in Truck Tracker’s Reported Problems module and then create a repair order once the source of the problem has been identified and an emergency repair is performed. By recording a reported problem for a vehicle in Truck Tracker, the shop will have complete information on…

  • How often emergency repairs occur

  • Number of times same repair has been performed

  • Emergency repair common to similar Makes and Models

  • Emergency repair common to operator (driver)

...for a vehicle, the fleet and operators of the vehicles allowing the repair shop to provide useful data to the company for further analysis.

Within Truck Tracker, Maintenance repair shops can efficiently generate a customer invoice for services rendered and parts used and e-mail the invoice directly to the customer or print out a hard copy to hand to the customer. Specific labor rates, parts markup percentages, tax types and tax rates can be attributed to each customer. Once a customer is assigned to an invoice their rates will be automatically applied.

When a repair shop is scheduling maintenance and repairs for a customer’s vehicle, they can prepare, beforehand, to have the parts in stock that are required to complete the job using Truck Tracker’s Parts Assembly feature. A list of parts required to perform a specific service can be built based off unit Year, Make and Model. This list is easily accessible within the Truck Tracker repair order.

Also with Truck Tracker, placing parts orders to the supplier is an absolute breeze. Once the shop has prepared its list of needed parts, a Purchase Order can be generated from the list and be e-mailed to the supplier from within the software program. If the parts are ordered from a Navistar dealer, the packing slip will contain a Truck Tracker-compatible bar code so that checking the parts into and out of inventory is virtually error-free.

When parts are checked out of inventory to a Work Order, some bar code labels are designed to be pulled off the part or out of the part bin and to be affixed to the back of the Work Order hard copy. When the work order is closed, all of the parts used in the repair are simply scanned from the back of the Work Order and made a permanent part of the repair record.

Being proactive in your customer’s needs, providing better customer service, minimizing vehicle downtime and increasing the life expectancy of the vehicles will help you gain a competitive advantage over other repair shops. Truck Tracker is just the tool to help you accomplish this!

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