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The benefits of invoicing software - Everyone wants to get paid, right?

And yet the desire not to have to pay our own bills is equally strong. We’ve all had that moment when a bill arrives and your immediate, instinctive thought is “I’ll pay that later.” Prompt, on-time and accurate payments might make the business world go around, but this business utopia is harder to achieve than you might think.

It’s hard to keep track of what bills aren’t being paid, or when they’re being paid, or if they were paid in the wrong amount, or you didn’t bill repairs or time correctly. This is why many of today’s shops are reliant on invoicing software, both for work orders and for parts sales. Invoicing software typically runs on your computer and communicates with other devices throughout the shop such as the tablets that technicians may be using. It often integrates with other software you may be using. Let’s take a look at four major benefits of invoicing software for heavy-duty shops.

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Fleetsoft is pleased to announce the release of Fleet Maintenance and Inventory Management software version 11.2.8. Please take a moment to read through the important release notes below.


-NEW: added import routines for employee training, physicals, violations, licenses and certifications
-NEW: added picture field to employee records
-NEW: added documents links to Purchase Orders
-NEW: default folder for selecting document links
-FIX: some sendto buttons on dashboard were not resized properly when screen is maximized
-FIX: deleting an image from reported problems
-FIX: changing the values of min/max reorder fields to zero should not be allowed
-FIX: manual core credits could pre-fill with incorrect max value
-FIX: users could manually type in non-core part numbers when adding core credits
-FIX: vehicle warranty service category dropdown not working
-FIX: filtering error on vehicle warranties list
Fleetsoft is pleased to announce the release of Fleet Maintenance and Inventory Management software version 11.2.6. Please take a moment to read through the important release notes below.

-NEW: select vehicle for purchase orders
-NEW: site setting to print service times on the work order report
-NEW: query options added to physical inventory posted counts history tab
-NEW: program won't close while service timer is still open
-NEW: clock-in for service time and choose a service code from open work orders
-CHANGE: added employee ssn fields to import and export text functions
-CHANGE: added warranty fields to work order lists
-CHANGE: added frontaxle, rearaxle, and weight options to vehicle list
-CHANGE: added hours option to timesheet form with better time handling
-CHANGE: allow 3 decimal places for non-inventory items when "show all decimal places" option
-CHANGE: date labels for filtering work order summary report
-FIX: calendars print preview button not working
-FIX: record changed by another station popup when adding a service
-FIX: "select all active" button only selecting vehicles at current site
-FIX: parts assembly buttons on estimate form were not working
-FIX: purchase order adding parts to wrong outside work order
-FIX: reported problems not showing from estimate form
-FIX: service code document links should be global


-NEW: added Nextraq GPS interface
-NEW: clear all fault codes for a single vehicle
-NEW: optional show only active parts on physical inventory worksheets
-CHANGE: TT_Service.exe upgraded to .NET 4.5
-CHANGE: bold entity code in reminder emails
-CHANGE: reminder emails can be sent using implicit SSL
-FIX: reminder emails were not ordered by entity code
-FIX: GPS/DVIR integration was creating duplicate reported problems
-FIX: increased size of mobile web username in global settings
-FIX: potential incomplete inventory value totals on dashboard


-NEW: integration with Keep Truckin API
-NEW: integration with WEX Telematics (GPS Insight)
-NEW: icon columns in main vehicle and part lists for records with images
-NEW: show total number of GPS vehicles below list
-CHANGE: hosted version size limit for document attachments increased to 11MB
-FIX: dvir integration with zonar
-FIX: issue creating core when core part number already exists


-FIX: site setting to show all decimal places for parts on work order
-FIX: problem adding fuel with check-out from inventory option
-FIX: pressing close work order button didn't pre-fill the invoice date
-FIX: reorder from matching vendor code at wrong site
-FIX: manually voided/closed purchase orders might not clear related onorder fields
-FIX: delete transfer request button not working
-FIX: force transfer button was only showing for admin users


-NEW: added meter update options to each gps vehicle
-NEW: report for total invoice profit summary
-NEW: site setting to show entry fields in header of work order printout for each meter type
-CHANGE: increased size of buttons on the right hand side of lists
-FIX: record changed by another station error when setting customer account code on invoice
-FIX: certificate error sending daily reminders email in TT_Service.exe
-FIX: physical due date in employee ist was not updating correctly
-FIX: empty purchase order could printout with parts from following order
-FIX: document link path in the hosted version
-FIX: dollar sign in the wrong field when changing on hand record
-FIX: vehicle export text process missing GPS ID field
-FIX: message to open existing record when Generate WO button is pressed
-FIX: closed and completed dates on work order report not showing in some instances


-FIX: invoice tax recalculation problem solved
-FIX: vendor screen print po button and email po button resize issue
-FIX: syntax error in web portal process DVIR data
-FIX: problem with database update 11.0.7 (get email settings and update service timer)
-FIX: hiding some global settings in cloud version