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Let's Clean House!

It's time to clean house! The New Year is a good time to go through your Parts Room and tidy up. As you comb through your Parts Inventory, you will find:

  1. Parts you did not realize were in stock simply because they were placed in the wrong location

  2. Parts you haven't used in a long time and are obsolete because the vehicles that required these parts are no longer in your fleet

  3. Overstocked parts on hand that can be returned to vendor

By eliminating obsolete and over supplied parts from your stock, you will not only save on total dollar investment in on hand parts, but also reorganize and streamline the stock room. Many obsolete and overstocked parts can be returned to the supplier for a credit, saving you more money. An organized Parts Room makes it easier for the parts to be located for current on hand counts, as well as locating the parts for check in and check out procedures improving productivity and efficiency of the shop.

Now that you know why you should clean house it is a matter of getting started. It may seem like a huge task to undertake, but with FleetSoft's Fleet Maintenance and Inventory Management Software as a tool this task has become much easier. FleetSoft contains a Parts Inventory Management Module that has a Physical Inventory component. This Physical Inventory component will guide you through the entire process step by step. Upon completion of conducting a Physical Inventory for your Parts Room, you will have all of the parts in their proper bins and labeled correctly, have accurate on hand counts, and be able to determine which parts you have an excessive quantity on hand and can return to vendor. FleetSoft's Fleet Maintenance and Inventory Management Software also contains an 'Overstocked Parts' and 'Obsolete Parts' reports providing you with lists of what parts can be returned to the suppliers for credit. These are useful tools as well in trimming your on hand parts stock.

Begin the New Year with a clean house! Eliminate surplus from your parts inventory and reorganize your stock room making it a more profitable year.

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