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  • Years Company and product has been around? FleetSoft has been offering Truck Tracker as a fleet maintenance solution since 1996. FleetSoft currently has two locations in the United States; Plano, Texas and Elgin, Illinois.

  • What is client base size? FleetSoft has over 2500 customers worldwide.

  • What does company do? FleetSoft provides software solutions, custom programming, training, customer support, computer hardware and bar code solutions.


What type of service and support is available to the customer?

FleetSoft outshines other software vendors with the quality and quantity of support we provide.

  • Documentation provided to customer at time of purchase.

  • Easily accessible support materials published on FleetSoft website Knowledgebase.

  • Video Aides to learn the Truck Tracker Software.

  • Support Request Tickets on the FleetSoft website may be submitted to receive assistance.

  • E-mail FleetSoft Support directly to obtain help with an outstanding issue.

  • Utilize FleetSoft’s Toll Free Phone Support line to speak directly with a representative to answer your questions.

With FleetSoft , customers are our #1 priority. We want to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of the Truck Tracker software and the ability to use it completely to benefit their operations. FleetSoft realizes that the best way to improve our products and services is by listening to our customers. We welcome any comments or suggestions submitted by customers, the experts, on how we may improve our offerings and relations. With FleetSoft, the customer is not forgotten after the software purchase.

The customer has easy access to us by…


How well is the software supported?

  • Truck Tracker Software has Major Version Releases on an average of every two years. These major version releases include enhanced and new features suggested by the users.

  • Bug fixes are released soon after they are reported. Maintenance Releases and Updates to the software are made to keep the software current and fully functional.

  • FleetSoft notifies customers of easily downloadable Major Upgrades via e-mail.

  • Convenient pop up messages will appear as the Truck Tracker application is launched notifying the user of recently released Maintenance Updates that can be downloaded.


What type of training is offered with the software and what amount of time should be allowed for learning the software?

  • Truck Tracker is easy to useand has a low learning curve due to the consistency of every window’s functional command buttons and the logical data flow process. People with little computer experience can easily learn the system.

  • FleetSoft offers Online Web Training as well as Onsite Training for an additional charge for those who have multiple users and more complex operations and would benefit from personalized sessions.

  • Documentation, Power Point Presentations and Videos are made available to all users from our website Knowledgebase.


What data can be inputted and extracted from the software? Will it fit our needs?

  • Truck Tracker has the ability to effortlessly extract keyed-in data, which has been keyed in, in a useful and meaningful way.

  • Export Data to .csv files

  • Export utilizing Spreadsheet Wizard to selected Excel file format

  • Report Wizard allows user to build reports using selected data table fields

  • Over 90 canned reports to choose from with the option to build queries by date and/or other criteria

  • Email, Print or Save lists in a PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV or XML file format.

  • Truck Tracker is a dynamic and flexible software application that can grow or be modified to meet the changing needs of the customer.

        • Easily increase vehicles, concurrent users or site licenses

        • Add on packages to provide additional modules and performance

        • Versatile installations

          1. Stand alone

          2. LAN

          3. WAN

          4. FleetSoft Hosted Solution

  • Customizable User Security Permissions

  • Truck Tracker provides detailed accountability for costs and usage to help manage the fleet operations. The user has the ability to track Vehicles, Labor, Parts, Customers, Fuel and Vendor Costs along with usage history of Parts and Fuel by Vehicle, Employees, Customers and Vendors. Preventive Maintenance is tracked as well so nothing escapes notice.

  • Determine your software requirements by taking a quick survey (Identify Your Fleet Maintenance Software Requirements) to help you in evaluating the functionality of the software meeting your needs.


How compatible is the software with our current network infrastructure and applications?

  • With Truck Tracker’s Hosted Solution the only requirement is to make sure you have a good internet connection allowing you the ability to log in remotely to the server that hosts your Truck Tracker database.

  • System Requirements will vary depending upon the type of installation (LAN, WAN or Standalone) you are interested in. Truck Tracker is a Windows based solution utilizing Microsoft SQL Server database.

  • Importing fuel data from a third party software solution or exporting Truck Tracker data to a third party system is possible when the data is in an ASCII Comma Delimited file format (.csv).


Does the software make it easy to perform manual backups and/or schedule automatic backups?

  • Truck Tracker has an automated backup feature. The customer can set up the schedule indicating…

      • how often data backups should be performed

      • what time they should be performed

      • how long to retain the backup

      • the location where the data backup should be stored

Automating the data backup makes it convenient for the customer and secures the data.

Choosing a fleet maintenance software package is a long term investment. You want to be sure you do your homework and select the best fit for your company. By reviewing the Vendor Background, Vendor Customer Service and Support, Software Support, Software Training and Learning Curve, Software Functionality, Software Compatibility and Software Backup Functionality you will have the information to make an educated decision that will benefit everyone in the long run.

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