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How Your Initial Investment in Fleet Maintenance Software Can Bring About A Quick Return

Implementing a fleet maintenance system comes with an initial investment cost. However, the Return on Investment can be realized in a short time period just by tracking services and preventive maintenance. Tracking maintenance services performed on your fleet helps...

  • Monitor and improve employee productivity
  • Reduce reactive (emergency) repairs
  • Keep scheduled maintenance up to date
  • Increase safety of units and decrease liability risks
  • Indicate a possible problem with the unit or abuse by operator
  • Predict future maintenance and costs
  • Provide knowledge of expected life span for a part or service
  • Determine when to replace a unit
  • Improve fuel consumption

All of which helps reduce waste and lower costs in your fleet operations. Truck Tracker simplifies the process of documenting services performed and PM scheduling for your fleet.

Recording each service performed in detail provides information on not only the labor hour cost for each employee, each asset and the entire fleet but also allows you to track the employee (mechanic) performance. As each service is performed the actual mechanic hours are entered. The actual hours per service can be compared to the standard hours for the same service bringing attention to shop inefficiencies, low employee productivity and necessary training improvements. Truck Tracker fleet maintenance software has a "Mechanic Performance" report that brings all this information together and displays the cost value.

Tracking your Preventive Maintenance and becoming proactive with your fleet helps reduce costly emergency repairs and increases the safety of your assets. Keeping your assets maintenance services up to date puts your assets on the road more often with less down time. Regularly scheduled maintenance prolongs the life of your assets and may reduce fuel consumption. Truck Tracker makes it easy to create a maintenance schedule for your assets and reminds you when the maintenance is coming due. The PM reminders feature and PM Scheduling feature in Truck Tracker helps to keep preventive maintenance current and minimizes unexpected and expensive repairs.

Besides documenting labor hours and preventive maintenance, Truck Tracker also records all services performed on each asset and parts used along with their associated costs. This information is stored in the Truck Tracker database to provide historical data that may be used to predict future fleet maintenance and costs for budgeting. Analyzing this data, a pattern can be detected to determine the expected life of parts and assets along with possible abuse by the driver or operator resulting in multiple repairs or parts replacements.

Detailing the total service and parts cost of assets in Truck Tracker alerts management to an asset's growth in repairs or parts usage. This information may be used to determine the replacement time for an asset.

Investing in a fleet maintenance program to track your fleet's maintenance and repairs results in a reduction of operation costs and an increase in productivity. Fleets have less downtime while increasing the safety, in service opportunity and improving customer service. The benefits outweigh the initial costs, considering all of the advantages received by implementing a fleet maintenance software program.

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