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Have you ever gone to retrieve a part from the parts room only to find it out of stock or find an over abundance of stock in parts you no longer use? Money and time is being wasted each time this occurs.

Fleetsoft's Parts Inventory Management Module will not only help you efficiently manage your parts inventory, but also assist in reducing the parts room cost. The Parts Inventory Management module is a tool used to organize the parts room by...

- Conducting a Physical Inventory to determine what parts, counts and dollar values you currently have on hand.

- Setting part reorder points to establish maximum and minimum part levels to have on hand. Receive
warnings when parts have reached minimum levels and provide suggestions on quantity to reorder to
obtain maximum on hand levels.

- Recording warranties on parts to receive warnings of possible warranty claim at time of parts replacement.

- Checking received parts into inventory to update the parts on hand levels, track which vendors the parts
have been purchased from and the associated vendor cost of the parts received.

- Checking parts out of inventory to assign parts to a unit number when using the part on a work order or
installing the part directly to a unit. Maintains accountability for all parts usage.

Utilizing the Fleetsoft Parts Inventory Managementmodule helps you to recover parts warranties and obsolete parts return credits while lowering inventory investment without losing shop efficiency. These organization tactics could save as much as 18-20% in parts inventory costs.

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