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In order to answer this question, you need to take a few items into consideration. Once you have answered the following questions, you will be better equipped to determine which solution is the best fit for you.

  1. Required hardware infrastructure in place to support the software solution?
  2. Accessibility to the necessary human resources to manage the software solution?
  3. High-speed internet connectivity availability?
  4. Customization to the software desired?
  5. Integration with other applications desired?

Fleetsoft fleet maintenance software is offered as both a Hosted Solution and an In-House server/client install solution.

The Hosted Solution makes Fleetsoft more affordable to small businesses that do not have the infrastructure or IT resources to implement and manage the software themselves.

The In-House Solution may be the preferred option if you have IT staff, or a relationship with an IT consulting firm. The In-House solution provides more flexibility in the implementation and design of the software solution to fit specific needs. The advantages and disadvantages to an In-House Solution need to be considered when deciding whether to go with this option.

Each option has advantages as well as limitations to consider before you purchase. Both need to be taken into consideration when deciding which one is the more viable option for you.


  1. No Hardware Required: Fleetsoft manages the infrastructure, providing 24/7 access, data backups, and disaster recovery.

  2. No IT Resources Required: Software updates and future upgrades automatically installed, and support is available.

  3. Smaller Upfront Investment: Broken down into smaller monthly payments per user, you can begin using the hosted solution at a fraction of the full price of an in-house solution.

  4. Scalable and Ready to Go: Accessible from any location with internet access, from a single user to a large number of users simultaneously, the application automatically scales to fit your needs.


  1. No Customization or Integration: In some cases, without local access to the software, you cannot integrate with other desktop applications.

  2. Reliance on High Speed Internet: Bandwidth issues and outages are rare, but they can potentially effect your ability to access your critical data in real time.

  3. Bandwidth could affect performance of application


  1. No Internet Required: You can run the software locally or on a private network without leaving your own perimeter.

  2. Integration Options: Easier to interface between Fleetsoft data and third party applications.

  3. More Control: You have ultimate control over security and performance of the application.


  1. Hardware Required: Investment in servers as well as networking equiptment could be required.

  2. IT Resources Required: Software must be installed, updated, and supported by internal resources.

  3. Higher Upfront Licensing Cost: A full one-time payment is required to purchase the in-house solution.

  4. Planning for Scalability: Accessing the software from multiple locations outside your network is something you will have to deal with on your own.

Our goal is to make Fleetsoft software accessible to everyone, breaking down existing barriers. By providing two purchasing options, as well as our new web-based program Fleetsoft Mobile, to fulfill the needs of both small businesses with limited resources as well as larger companies with unlimited resources and their varied needs, FleetSoft moves closer towards that goal.

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