GPS/Telematics IntegrationNo more manual entry of odometer readings!


Odometer and Hour Meters

Vehicle odometers will update automatically from data brought in from current GPS/telematics provider. This will then flag PMs automatically and warn the mechanics that a work order needs to be done.

Telematics Data

Filtered fault codes will be sent to Fleetsoft and the mechanic will be shown the current Fault Codes alerts from the vehicle from within Fleetsoft.

Map of Current Location

Fleetsoft brings in the GPS coordinates of location of the vehicle and displays it on a map.

DVIR Defects

Failed inspection data will be sent to Fleetsoft as a Reported Problem and will warn the Mechanics to fix the problem. Once it is fixed, it is removed from the current problem list.

Current Systems Supported


Automate Meter Readings, View latest GPS location, and Diagnostic Fault Code information from Integrated GPS Providers!
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