Standard Package Fleet Maintenance Software Made Easy

What's included in our Standard package?

    Vehicle/Asset Management

    Warranty Tracking

    Service Code Management

    Work Orders Management

    Preventive Maintenance Schedule

    Personnel Management

    Pre-made & Custom Reports

    Import & Export Text/PDF/Excel

    PM & Email Reminders

    Automatic Meter Data Import

    User & Group Security

    Microsoft SQL Server

Vehicle Management

Track your Vehicles and Assets through an intuitive and expandable user interface.

  • Detailed Vehicle information with extra user-defined fields.
  • Track mileage, hours, and more with multiple meters per Vehicle.
  • Customize mileage entry requirements for improved data entry.
  • Batch meter updating with easy to use interface.
  • Vehicle Warranty tracking with reminders and service warnings.
  • Attach documents and web links directly to Vehicles.

Work Order System

Improve the efficiency of your Vehicles and track all of your repairs with detailed service and parts information.

  • Manage your work flow with multiple statuses and dates/times.
  • Easily add PM reminders and reported problems directly to work order.
  • Instant warnings when reported problems and PM Services coming due.
  • Record total hours with optional start/stop times for multiple technicians.
  • Record detailed parts information and total costs.
  • Apply service and parts fees based on percentage of total.
  • Attach documents and web links directly to a work order.

Preventive Maintenance

PM Scheduling can calculate reminders based on meter readings, date intervals and maintain a list of services to be performed on your vehicles when their due.

  • Organize recurring PM services to be performed on a specific schedule by Miles/KM, days, hours, or other type of meter.
  • Create a PM schedule for a group of vehicles and assign the schedule to the entire group.
  • Copy a PM schedule from one vehicle/equipment to another.
  • Track a PM service by two meters (miles/hours/days/other).
  • Warn when PM is coming due using the user defined perimeters.
  • Link PM's that contain the same services so if one is performed the other will be rescheduled for a future date.

Service Codes & Assembly

Apply Service codes used to define services performed. Save time finding the right parts and services when applying the service code links and parts assembly list.

  • Add Service Codes globally across all sites.
  • Build Service Classification codes and categories.
  • Define a standard or service specific labor rate and hours.
  • Reference list of parts assembly required for a service code.
  • Service Code Link's other PM's so if one is performed the other will be rescheduled for a future date.
  • Attach documents and web links directly to a Service Code.

Personnel Management




  • Employee information, type, status and hire date
  • Driver license information and vehicles assigned
  • Designate employee's to work orders and PO's
  • Document attachments to employees
  • Customer account and contact information
  • Customer default parts markup and labor rate
  • Assign customers to vehicles
  • Construct work order invoices for customers
  • Vendor account, warranty and contact information
  • Designation of vendors to purchase orders and parts
  • Specific vendor Reorder Formula trend for parts
  • Document Attachments to Vendors

Technical Support

Plans offer e-mail and toll-free phone support, updates to current version, and free major version upgrades.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Fleetsoft software pre-installs Microsoft SQL Server as the database backup otherwise you may use your existing SQL Server instance.

Hosting Services

Don't have the infrastucture? Our online hosted versions are available utilizing the software's latest upgrade from any computer.

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Access Asset Cost Reports And Other Fleet Intelligence Data From Over 80+ Reports To Assist In Making Critical Decisions.

  • Expense reports to track the asset cost along with total asset meters record per job/project
  • Life cycle reports for parts usage, fuel usage and more
  • Asset cost per mile for a data range or life time
  • Perform queries to filter reporting providing only information meeting specific criteria
  • Run a Total Cost Report for the assets including the expenses

Imports & Exports

Ability to import necessary fleet data into Fleetsoft software or export out to CSV and XML file formats for faster process of transferring data.

E-mail & Reminders

Take advantage of the E-mail Reminder system warning your fleet when PM’s are approaching due date and keep informed of upcoming vehicle maintenance.

Automatic Backups

Backup up your vital fleet data every night through an automated process managed through Fleetsoft to minimize downtime and restore your system on-the-go.

Automatic Meter Data Import

Enable Meter & Fuel automated import process for time sensitive systems and allow synchronization interval updates through specific import times.

User & Group Security

Set user or group access levels for full administrative access or controlled areas. Perfect for managing different group scales such as managers and mechanics.

Multiple Site Locations

Keep parts inventory and vehicle units separate in multiple site locations for more efficient inventory tracking with each shops fleet management.