Truck Tracker Now Interfaces with Quick Books!


Truck Tracker now interfaces with the Quick Books Accounting package! FleetSoft recently released their Quick Books Interface that allows the sharing of the fleet's repair data among the Fleet Management and Accounting departments. FleetSoft's new Quick Books Interface permits fleet repair order invoices created in Truck Tracker to be easily imported into Quick Books saving you from having to enter the information twice. Not only can the Truck Tracker Quick Books Interface be a time saver, but it also reduces data entry errors. This interface is a real asset to many fleets!

Truck Tracker is celebrating ten years of success!


Fleetsoft is celebrating ten years of successfully helping companies to organize, optimize, and reduce overall operating costs, within their fleet operations. Why has Fleetsoft been the leading fleet maintenance solution of choice? Four basic principles: Simplicity, Dependability, Accuracy, and Scalability. With these basic principles in place, we have experienced unprecedented growth and are now the fleet maintenance solution of choice in 26 different countries.

To celebrate this success, Modern Business Computing will label the Truck Tracker product line under its newly formed company FleetSoft. FleetSoft, will head up all future development, sales, and support for the Fleetsoft product line. FleetSoft like Modern Business Computing believes strongly in employing its developers, support staff, and consultants. We do not believe in outsourcing development, support, or sales to handle the high demands of our clients. Effective January 1, 2007 Truck Tracker will be sold and supported under the FleetSoft name. Existing customers can expect the same high quality of customer service and of continued product development as they did with Modern Business Computing.