Frequently Asked Questionswe all have them.

Note: Fleetsoft Fleet Maintenance and Parts Inventory Management Software is currently offered a few different ways:
Fleetsoft Mobile  (aka Web Version)
Fleetsoft Mobile is the Fleetsoft you know and love, but new, improved, and modernized. Not to mention it is completely web-based! Meaning: you can access your fleet with any device with an internet connection! Fleetsoft hosts and backs up your data so you do not have to worry about losing it or messing with any of that server stuff. Monthly or yearly subscription.

Fleetsoft Windows-Desktop ~ Hosted  (aka SaaS/Software Cloud Service)
Software Cloud Services is the standalone dekstop version of Fleetsoft that the customer logs into using Windows Remote Desktop Services to a virtual machine with the Fleetsoft program. Fleetsoft hosts and backs up your data so you do not have to worry about losing it or messing with any of that server stuff. Monthly or yearly subscription.

Fleetsoft Windows-Desktop ~ On-Premise
The Standalone Desktop program.

What are the System Requirements?

-New installations can be deployed on a server, laptop, or a standalone PC with minimum 1.6 GHz CPU (2.0+ GHz recommended), at least 25+ GB available Disk Space and 4GB RAM (Recommended 8GB or more depending on Database size). Supported OS versions are Windows 10, 11, Server 2016, 2019, 2022 or higher with minimum 1024x768 Screen Resolution. Previous versions may work, but will be "best effort" support.
-Fleetsoft Mobile/Web Version will run on any device with an internet connection.

Is there any hardware involved in using Fleetsoft? What hardware does Fleetsoft recommend?

The Fleetsoft Parts Inventory Management program supports the scanning and printing of barcode labels to support your inventory management.
We are only able to guarantee compatability with Zebra Barcode Printers that have not been discontinued/unsupported - we will do our best to help you with your older Zebra models and third-party barcode printers, but please note that it simply may not work with Fleetsoft. *Fleetsoft Mobile is exclusivley compatible with Zebra, but does allow you to save PDFs of barcodes that you can then send to any printer if you do not have access to a Zebra printer. We do offer three different Zebra Printers at different price ranges that we can guarantee reliability with at our shop page:, along with supported 3in x 2in labels, 2in x 1in labels, and a choice of scanners.
-3in x 2in and 2in x 1in labels are the only supported size labels that will print properly from Fleetsoft.

Can Fleetsoft software be used on a network?

-Fleetsoft is a program optimized for multiple users and concurrent network use. It will run seamlessly on a standalone system, LAN, and can be used with Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services for remote access. Minimum 100MB Local Area Network, recommended 1000MB.
-VPN not supported. If you decide to use a VPN for the executable, it may be much slower. Would need 100MB minimum upload and download at all stations to be acceptable speed. Latency and using same network provider can also have a big impact.
-Fleetsoft is also offered with cloud access completely hosted by Fleetsoft through remote-desktop connection.
-Fleetsoft is also offered as a completely web-based application that can be accessed anywhere, from any device, over the internet.

Can Fleetsoft software be accessed by a user from a remote location?

-The user may access Fleetsoft from a remote location by using an RDP (Remote Desktop) connection through MS Terminal Services or Citrix.
-Fleetsoft hosted version is also accessed via a remote desktop connection to Fleetsoft servers.
-Fleetsoft is also offered as a web-based application which can be accessed from any device, anywhere, any time.

Does Fleetsoft allow for GPS integration?

Yes, Fleetsoft allows you to integrate your GPS subscription into the Fleetsoft program to: Automate Meter Readings, see Diagnostic Fault Code Information in Fleetsoft, and perform and record DVIR Inspections that automatically generate reported problems in Fleetsoft.
-Fleetsoft Mobile: These three GPS Integration modules are included with your subscription, but the DVIR Inspections module is only available with the Professional Plus package.
-Desktop Version: These three GPS Integration modules are available as paid add-ons to any package, but the DVIR Inspections module is only available as a Plus Package add-on. Each add-on is per month, per vehicle. Contact Sales for more information.
-See the GPS/Telematics Integration page for more information and a list of providers already integrated with Fleetsoft.

How does Fleetsoft handle multiple sites?

-By purchasing additional site licenses Fleetsoft can filter out what a user views, edits, or adds at each site. Each site maintains a completely seperate parts inventory, as well as the individual lists and transactional histories. You can optionally view vehicles and their complete maintenance histories from all sites. Reports can be generated for the current site and all sites combined. Sites can be grouped into and specific Regions and Business Types at the highest possible level.
-With Fleetsoft Mobile/Web Version, there is no limit to how many sites or users you may have, and you do not pay more for them.

Does Fleetsoft have any user security feature?

Yes. Fleetsoft has a comprehensive security feature allowing the administrator to designate each user or groups of users the ability to view, edit, add, or delete in all areas of the program and can also assign user access to particular sites.
This is extended even further in the Web Version, as admins may assign preset roles to users with permissions and the ability to hide many parts of the program to individual users. These roles can be customized with specific Page, Data, and API permissions with a straight-forward checklist of the pages, functionalities, and APIs available.

Can fuel data from third party fuel software be imported into Fleetsoft?

Yes. Fleetsoft can import fuel data from PetroVend, Phoenix, FuelMan, GasBoy, Wright Express, Computrol, and FuelMaster fuel systems.
How? The system has import routines with pre-mapped data file formats for each of the Fuel interfaces. Other 3rd Party Fuel Software data files can also be imported into Fleetsoft using a .csv data file format. You can import multiple fuel data files at once and then validate and process them in a single batch.

What data can be imported into and exported from Fleetsoft software?

All data can be exported directly from Fleetsoft as CSV, PDF, or EXCEL files. Fleetsoft can import any Vehicle, Parts, Vendor, Employee, Customer, and Service Code list, as well as the PM Schedule and user information from Active Directory.
Meter readings, Fuel, Daily Logs, Expenses, Work Orders, and Service history may be imported on a repetitive basis. The Vehicle Total Cost Report, as well as several other Vehicle Reports, Work Order information, several Inventory Reports, several types of Vehicle lists, assorted Service Code lists and history, Customer Lists, Vendor Lists and various Employee lists can be exported from Fleetsoft.
All reports in Fleetsoft can be saved or emailed as PDF or EXCEL.

Can Fleetsoft data be exported to our Accounting software?

Yes. You can export all of the accounting data from Fleetsoft software as TXT, XML, or CSV files to be imported into your accounting systems. You can also export Invoices directly into QuickBooks using our pre-built interface module.

How does Fleetsoft software perform database backups?

The software will automatically create a full database backup file each night and place it in a user-defined location on your computer or network, or you can generate backup files manually.

What is Microsoft SQL database and how is it different from other non-SQL databases?

A SQL database allows you to process information at a more efficient rate than non-SQL databases. The SQL database provides a higher level of security, reliability and scalability for your company's software.

Can fields and columns be added in Fleetsoft software?

Yes. The Vehicle screen provides ten extra user defined fields, and the Parts and Employees screens provide five extra user defined fields.
All fields and drop downs can be easily managed from the 'Lists' menu as well.

Does Fleetsoft software allow you to attach documents?

Yes. Fleetsoft software allows you to attach any picture, document, or URL link to vehicles, vendors, employees, work orders and parts.

What type of support is offered?

Fleetsoft offers annual renewal maintenance and support with all software purchases.
The first year of support is required; thereafter, it is optional.

Support benefits include toll-free phone and e-mail support, maintenance releases and updates to current software version, and free major version upgrades.
Please see our Support page for more details.

What type of training does Fleetsoft offer?

Fleetsoft offers training options online, onsite, and at our Texas office. You can refer to the training plans here: Training.
Our website also contains several instructional Videos and a Knowledgebase filled with documentation and answers to common questions.