Frequently Asked Questionswe all have them.

What are the System Requirements?

New installations can be deployed on a server, laptop, or a standalone PC with minimum 1.6 GHz CPU (2.0+ GHz recommended), at least 25+ GB available Disk Space and 512 MB (2+ GB recommended) RAM. Supported OS versions are Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2012 or higher with minimum 1024x768 Screen Resolution.

Can Fleetsoft software be used on a network?

Yes. Fleetsoft is a program optimized for multiple users and concurrent network use. It will run seamlessly on a standalone system, LAN or WAN, and can be used with Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services for remote access.

What is Microsoft SQL database and how is it different from other non-SQL databases?

A SQL database allows you to process information at a more efficient rate than non-SQL databases. The SQL database provides a higher level of security, reliability and scalability for your company's software.

Can fuel data from third party fuel software be imported into Fleetsoft?

Yes. Fleetsoft can import fuel data from PetroVend, Phoenix, FuelMan, GasBoy, Wright Express, Computrol, and FuelMaster fuel systems. How? The system has import routines with pre-mapped data file formats for each of the Fuel interfaces. Other 3rd Party Fuel Software data files can also be imported into Fleetsoft using a .csv data file format. You can import multiple fuel data files at once and then validate and process them in a single batch.

What data can be imported into and exported from Fleetsoft software?

All data can be exported directly from Fleetsoft as CSV, PDF, or EXCEL files. Fleetsoft can import any Vehicle, Parts, Vendor, Employee, Customer, and Service Code list, as well as the PM Schedule and user information from Active Directory. Meter readings, Fuel, Daily Logs, Expenses, Work Orders, and Service history may be imported on a repetitive basis. The Vehicle Total Cost Report as well as several other Vehicle Reports, Work Order information, several Inventory Reports, several types of Vehicle lists, assorted Service Code lists and history, Customer Lists, Vendor Lists and various Employee lists can be exported from Fleetsoft. All reports in Fleetsoft can be saved or emailed as PDF or EXCEL.

Can Fleetsoft data be exported to our Accounting software?

Yes. You can export all of the accounting data from Fleetsoft software as TXT, XML, or CSV files to be imported into your accounting systems. You can also export Invoices directly into QuickBooks using our pre-built interface module.

How does Fleetsoft software perform database backups?

The software will automatically create a full database backup file each night and place it in a user-defined location on your computer or network, or you can generate backup files manually.

What type of support is offered?

Fleetsoft offers annual renewal maintenance and support on all software purchases. The first year of support is required; thereafter, it is optional. Support benefits include toll-free and e-mail support, maintenance releases and updates to current software version, and free major version upgrades. Please see our Support web-page for more details.

Is Fleetsoft a one-time purchase? Are there any recurring costs?

Yes. Fleetsoft software is a one time purchase with the perpetual license. The Maintenance and Support Plans are renewable on an annual basis. If you would like a version hosted by FleetSoft, you will be billed annually.

Can Fleetsoft software be accessed by a user from a remote location?

Yes. The user may access Fleetsoft from a remote location by using an RDP (Remote Desktop) connection through MS Terminal Services or Citrix. The user can also use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the software remotely.

How does Fleetsoft handle multiple sites?

By purchasing additional site licenses Fleetsoft can filter out what a user views, edits, or adds at each site. Each site maintains a completely seperate parts inventory, as well as the individual lists and transactional histories. You can optionally view vehicles and their complete maintenance histories from all sites. Reports can be generated for the current site and all sites combined. Sites can be grouped into and specific Regions and Business Types at the highest possible level.

Does Fleetsoft have any user security feature?

Yes. Fleetsoft has a comprehensive security feature allowing the administrator to designate each user or groups of user the ability to view, edit, add, or delete in all areas of the program.

Can fields and columns be added in Fleetsoft software?

Yes. The Vehicle screen provides ten extra user defined fields, the Parts screen and Employee screen provides five extra user defined fields.

Does Fleetsoft software allow you to attach documents?

Yes, Fleetsoft software allows you to attach any picture, document, or URL link to vehicles, vendors, employees, work orders and parts.

What type of training does FleetSoft offer?

FleetSoft offers three different training options. You can refer to the training plans on this link -Training. The website also contains several instructional videos.