Professional Plus Package A Complete Fleet Maintenance and Parts Inventory Software Solution

What's included in our Professional Plus package?

    KPI Dashboard and Charts

    Interactive Calendar Controls

    Custom Price Levels


Use the new alert links and key performance indicators to take action. Interactive charts for high-level analysis and insight into trends.

fleetsoft dashboard kpi charts

Calendar Controls

Interactive PM Scheduling, Work Order, and Purchase Order Calendars. Employee Calendar and more!

fleetsoft calendar views scheduling

The Perfect Package

Professional Plus is the only package to have all the vital pieces to make your fleet shop a successful one with an extensive vehicle services details, parts inventory system and all of the plus modules to give your shop it's best refinement.

Custom Price Levels

Pricing levels allow for custom invoice pricing for specific parts and services performed.

Comparison Charts

Still feel as you can't decide? Draw side by side comparisons of each package we offer.

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Full Parts Inventory System

It is designed to help maintain and optimize your inventory management. This includes defining parts and tracking their flow in and out of inventory, setting parts reorder methods, recording warranties on parts to receive warnings and much more.

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Technical Support

Plans offer e-mail and toll-free phone support, updates to current version, and free major version upgrades.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Fleetsoft software pre-installs Microsoft SQL Server as the database backup otherwise you may use your existing SQL Server instance.

Hosting Services

Don't have the infrastucture? Our online hosted versions are available utilizing the software's latest upgrade from any computer.

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Plus Modules

Fuel Data Tracking

Calculate your fuel data and oil usage by vehicle to manage your fleet’s fuel consumption and efficiency and get the most out of your fuel costs.

Fuel Interface System

Import your fleet’s fuel system data into our Fleetsoft Fuel Interface integration. It helps to validate your data while eliminating data entry errors.

Vehicle Expenses Records

Keep records of all expenses within your operations costs such as insurance, depreciation, parts, assets, services for vehicles and equipment for the entire fleet.

Reported Problems

Log mechanical problems in detail for each vehicle needing maintenance keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum and preventing future issues.

Licensing & Permits

Record vehicle licensing, permits and registration information to help avoid costly penalties, violations and fines. Warns for an approaching expiration date.

Tire & Lifetime Analysis

Track Tire life, cycle, tread wear, location on vehicle and vendor warranty information. Warning system when tire approaches end of life cycle.

Driver's Daily Logs

Oversee DOT/FMCSA Hours of Service regulations and keep detailed driver log information capturing state mileage and fuel usage daily.

Enhanced Employee Records

Prevent costly fines, lawsuits and safety violations with detailed employee tracking to warn of licenses, certifications, physicals, training and etc. coming due.

The DVIR Inspections/Reported Problems GPS integration is available as an add-on to Plus Modules.

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