Professional Package Fleet Maintenance and Parts Inventory Software Solution

What's included in our Professional package?

    All Standard Package Features

    Parts Inventory Management

    Check-In & Check-Out

    Purchase Orders Management

    Work Order Invoices

    Parts Warranty Warnings

    Parts Cross Reference

    Dirty Cores Tracking

    Parts Requisition Process

    Transfer Between Sites

    Physical Inventory Process

    Barcode Printing & Scanning

Parts Inventory Management

An ideal fleet maintenance software solution if maintenance is performed in-house and an extensive parts inventory is kept on location. If optimizing your parts inventory is vital to your operations, this package is the solution to fit your fleet maintenance needs.

Parts Inventory System

  • Parts Check-In
  • Parts Check-Out
  • Purchase Orders
  • Warranty
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Barcode Printer


  • Systematically check in parts to inventory updating the on hand records and purchase order on order quantities.
  • Track invoice reference numbers for all parts checked into inventory.
  • Ability to check in entire purchase order with two mouse clicks.
  • Automatically close out purchase order when all parts are received.

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  • Permits parts to be checked out directly to vehicle/equipment without creating work order.
  • Generate parts usage history for each part.
  • Track core credits received and update quantity of clean and dirty cores in inventory.
  • Automatically check out parts to a work order using service code parts assembly lists.

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Purchase Orders

  • Automatically generate purchase order for each vendor including parts that have reached reorder point in system.
  • Ability to add parts that have been requisitioned for a work order to the purchase order.
  • Ability to apply sales tax to entire purchase order or individual line items.
  • Ability to track returned parts using credit items.
  • Automatically update and close purchase order as parts are checked in.

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Parts Warranty

  • Track warranty provider, days and miles.
  • Maximum warranty detection using same part, cross-referenced parts or matching VMRS codes
  • Apply part credits to the work order for recording warranty returns.
  • Used in determining warranty recovery when replacing with a cross referenced part.

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Barcode Scanner

  • The Symbol LS2208 Bar Code Reader comes with Stand and USB Cable
  • Capability of receiving parts into inventory using bar code system.
  • Capable of checking out parts using bar code system.
  • Ability to scan for parts lookup in the parts list.
  • Designed for continuous usage all day, which significantly reduces downtime and repair costs.
  • Barcode Scanners Sold Separately.

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Barcode Printer

  • Zebra GC420d Bar Code Printer comes with 10 ft. USB Cable along with Serial capabilities.
  • Print labels for parts using bar code printer.
  • Print all Bar code labels in one click report.
  • Zebra GC420d printers are engineered for reliability and longetivity.
  • Barcode Printer Sold Separately.

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Parts Warranty Tracking

Track warranty provider, days and miles. Maximum warranty detection using same part, cross-referenced parts or matching VMRS codes.

Parts Core Tracking

Capable in clean and dirty tracking. Track core credits received and update quantity of clean and dirty cores in inventory.

Parts Requisition

Request parts directly from a work order and show a reminder on the purchase order. Parts will be received directly to the work order.

Cross Reference

Assemble a list of parts to be used as references of selected parts. Useful when referencing selected parts not in inventory to be used.

Site Parts Transfers

Request to transfer parts from one site to another automatically adjusting the inventories during the process.

Physical Inventory

Ability to run a physical inventory process for your fleet shops using generated count sheets to effectively maintain accurate inventories.

Technical Support

Plans offer e-mail and toll-free phone support, updates to current version, and free major version upgrades.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Fleetsoft software pre-installs Microsoft SQL Server as the database backup otherwise you may use your existing SQL Server instance.

Hosting Services

Don't have the infrastucture? Our online hosted versions are available utilizing the software's latest upgrade from any computer.

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