The FleetSoft Tour What's in the software, you ask?

Get Started With FleetSoft Software

How to get started in FleetSoft Maintenance Software with a few easy steps!

*Please Note* This product tour features the desktop application. Web App tour cooming soon!


Add Your Vehicles

Enter in vehicle information, meters, specs, warranties, etc to begin your FleetSoft Operation.

Add Vehicles


Record Employees, Customers And Vendors

Manage personnel data for better control of your daily fleet operations.

Employee, Customers and Vendors


Populate Service Codes

Service Codes

Assemble Service Codes with the ability to produce a parts assembly list for the services provided to your fleet operations..


Set Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Preventive Maintenance

Ability to maintain a schedule of services to be performed on your vehicle and the interval in which they are due.


Construct a Parts Inventory

Generate details of services performed, parts usage, invoices, vehicle meter updates and costs.

Parts Inventory

Check-In & Check-Out


Generate Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Orders from specific vendors to Check-In parts into inventory.

Purchase Order


Generate Work Orders

Generate details of services performed, parts usage, invoices, vehicle meter updates and costs.

Work Order

Add services to Work Orders with the ability to assign multiple technicians to the service performed. Use built-in Timer for tracking.

Service Times

Enter parts to Work Order from your inventory/non-inventory and filter through your parts list for better proficiency.

Add Work Order


Use Reminders, Dashboard and Calendars to monitor your Fleet Operations


Tracking your Vehicle Asset's through the intuitive and expandable user interface. Allows storing of Vehicle's information, meters, specifications, drivers and more.


Use the new alert links and key performance indicators to take action. Interactive charts for high-level analysis and insight into trends.

fleetsoft dashboard kpi charts

Calendar Controls

Interactive PM Scheduling, Work Order, and Purchase Order Calendars. Employee Calendar and more!

fleetsoft calendar views scheduling