Standard Plus Package A Complete Fleet Maintenance Software Solution

What's included in our Standard Plus package?

    All Standard Package Features

    Fuel Data Tracking

    Fuel Interface Imports

    Detailed Vehicle Expenses

    Licensing and Permits

    Tires Management

    Reported Problems Module

    Driver Daily Logs

    Employee Licenses and Physicals

    Employee CSA Violations

    Interactive Calendar Controls

    KPI Dashboard and Charts

The Standard Plus Package contains eight additional modules Fuel Tracking, Fuel Interface, Vehicle Expenses, Reported Problems, Licensing & Permits, Tires, Drivers Logs and Enhanced Employee Records , providing you with more details to manage your fleet operation effectively.

The DVIR Inspections/Reported Problems GPS integration is available as an add-on Plus Module.

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Fuel Tracking Fuel Tracking

Manage and control fuel costs by closely monitoring your vehicle/equipment fuel consumption and efficiency.

  • Monitors MPG/KPL to get the most out of fuel costs.
  • Tracks fuel data and oil usage by vehicle/equipment and driver.
  • Records fuel taxes for IFTA reporting.
  • Convenient time saving batch fuel entry with validation.
  • Updates vehicle/equipment meter for preventive maintenance.
  • Provides vehicle/equipment price per gallon/liter.

Fuel Interface Module Fuel Interface

Easily import your fleets fuel system data into Fleetsoft software.

  • We support most fuel systems including GasBoy©, Fuelman®, Wright Express®, FuelMaster®, Computrol and Phoenix (Petro Vend), and many more. With a few button clicks all third party software fuel data in a .csv file format will be checked for authenticity and imported into Fleetsoft.
  • Validates data before import completed.
  • Helps eliminate data entry errors.
  • Updates fuel records and meters.
  • Saves time by eliminating double entry of fuel data.
  • Batch entry allows many data files to be imported at once.
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Fleet Expenses Vehicle Expenses

Organize and manage vehicle/equipment total costs more efficiently by including all expenses into the equation.

  • Records vehicle/equipment costs such as insurance, depreciation, parts, fuel, service, or any other expenses that are associated with a specific job/project.
  • Assigns a General Ledger number to the vehicle expense.
  • Reports on a particular type of expense for each vehicle/equipment and totals these expenses for the entire fleet.
  • Includes the expenses in the Total Cost Report for Vehicles/Equipment.

Reported Problems from Inspections Reported Problems

Prevent mechanical problems from going unattended and keep vehicle downtime to a minimum.

  • Records problem in detail by vehicle.
  • Alerts of outstanding problem when work order is generated.

Vehicle Licensing and Permits Licensing and Permits

Avoid costly penalties and keep your vehicles on the road longer without receiving violations for license expiration.

  • Records vehicle/equipment licensing, permits and registration information.
  • Warns when licensing, permits or registration is approaching expiration date.
  • Tracks cost per vehicle/equipment for licensing, permits and registration. Costs are included in Vehicle Total Cost Report.

Tire Tracking Tire and Lifetime Analysis

Keep tire costs as low as possible while receiving optimal performance and reliability.

  • Tracks tire life cycle, tread wear, location on vehicle, and vendor warranty information.
  • Warns when tire is approaching end of life cycle.
  • Records vehicle/equipment tire usage history.

Driver Daily Logs Driver Daily Logs

Record detailed driver log information needed for DOT/FMCSA Hours of Service regulations and IFTA reporting.

  • Captures detailed state mileage and fuel usage per trip for IFTA State/Miles Fuel reporting.
  • Calculates Miles/Km logs by vehicle and state.
  • Records customer and shipment information per trip.
  • Tracks driver's hours (on duty, off duty, sleeping, and driving).

Employee Management Employee Licensing, Training, Certification, and Violations

Prevent costly fines, lawsuits and potential safety hazards by tracking detailed employee information.

  • Records employee licenses, certifications, physicals, and training, and warns you before they expire.
  • Records the type of equipment employee has been trained for.
  • Monitors what vehicle/equipment they are authorized to operate or perform service on.
  • Tracks fuel consumption, driver's daily logs, service repairs and work orders performed on history.

Technical Support

Plans offer e-mail and toll-free phone support, updates to current version, and free major version upgrades.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Fleetsoft software pre-installs Microsoft SQL Server as the database backup otherwise you may use your existing SQL Server instance.

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