Purchasing OptionsScalable for your Fleet Size and Budget

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The SaaS license offers an online hosted version utilizing Fleetsoft's latest upgrades, broken down into monthly payments per user. It can be accessed from any Windows computer with a high speed internet connection to enter fleet data, print and save reports, scan and print barcodes, and assist in making important fleet decisions.

Permanent License

The Permanent license offers a standalone version of the program where the software license is purchased in full according to your requirements. The SQL database and Fleetsoft software are installed and managed on your own computers. The software may be customized to fit your individual requirements.

Hosted vs. In-House: Which is the best solution for you?

Software as a Service Ideal low-cost hosted plans

All packages include great support by email and phone!

  • Standard

  • Starting at


  • Vehicle/Asset Management

    Work Orders Management

    Service Codes & Assembly

    Preventive Maintenance Schedule

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  • StandardPlus

  • Starting at


  • All Standard Package Features

    Fuel Management System

    Reported Problems

    Tires Management

    Driver Daily Logs

    & More

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  • Professional

  • Starting at


  • All Standard Package Features

    Parts Inventory Management

    Purchase Orders

    Parts Warranty

    Cross Reference

    Site Parts Transfers

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  • ProPlus

  • Starting at


  • All Standard Package

    All Standard Plus Package

    All Professional Package

    KPI Dashboard and Charts

    Interactive Calendar Controls

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Permanent License Full Permanent Licenses

Free Demo version on all packages! Want to try the demo? Download Here.


Starting at $995

Plus 20% 1 Year Support Fee

Management of Vehicle's Assets, Work Orders, Non-Inventory Parts, Service Codes and Service History for you basic fleet needs.

Standard Plus

Starting at $1895

Plus 20% 1 Year Support Fee

Covers all Standard fleet essentials including Plus modules such as Reported Problems, Fuel Interface, Daily Logs and more.


Starting at $2495

Plus 20% 1 Year Support Fee

Utilizing a full extensive Parts Inventory System to maintain an accurate flow of a parts tracking process.

Professional Plus

Starting at $3495

Plus 20% 1 Year Support Fee

Fully functional Dashboard and Calendars for an overview of the fleet shop. Includes all combined packages and modules.

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