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Fleetsoft values their customers and provides easily accessible information to fully support them in the successful operation of the program. Below are links that may be used to access the most commonly requested documents. Also see: Common Support Questions.

*Please note* Though some information found here may be helpful to Fleetsoft Web App users, the Knowledgebase is currently geared towards the desktop program. We apologise for any inconveniences. Feel free to contact Fleetsoft Tech Support.
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General Information

Installation Guide

User Manual

Login Screen Guide

Power Point Presentation

Inventory Costing Methods

Inventory Site Preparation Guide

Performing Custom Queries

Troubleshooting - FAQ

Troubleshooting - Lock Ups

Fleetsoft Release/Update Notes

Data Import Templates

Import and Export Instructions

Vehicle List Import Template

Vendors List Import Template

Parts List Import Template

Drop Down List Import Template

Customer List Import

Employee List Import

PM Schedule Import

Fuel Import

Expenses Import

Service History Import

SQL Server Database

Troubleshoot Connecting to the SQL Server Database

Extracting Data From SQL Server

SQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

Moving Application and Database to Another Computer

Truck Tracker Network Setup Instructions

Enable SQL Server Networking

Changing the SQL Service Account

Moving Truck Tracker Service Instructions

Instructions to Convert DCS data to Fleetsoft

Barcoding Hardware

Zebra GC420d Bar Code Printer Manual

Zebra GC420d Bar Code Printer Quick Start Guide

Zebra LP2844 Barcoding Printer Manual

Zebra Barcoding Printer USB Driver Setup Instructions

Barcode Printer and Scanner Hardware Setup Instructions

Reference Guide for the Wireless Bar Code Scanner Model LI4278

Programming Wireless Barcode Scanner Model LI4278

QuickStart Guide for Wireless Bar Code Printer Model LI4278

Reference Guide for Bar Code Scanner Model LS2208

QuickStart Guide for Bar Code Scanner Model LS2208


Introduction to Work Orders

Creating a Work Order (Advanced)

Work Orders/Invoices (Special Features)

Parts Inventory Overview

Parts Purchase Order, Re-Order and Check-In

Truck Tracker 2013 (Version 9) Instructional Power Point