Fleet Maintenance SoftwareFor the Construction Industry

Construction contractors need to keep assets operating with minimal downtime and low costs without sacrificing safety. We realize it is vital to a construction business to have assets available to distribute to each job site for job completion to remain on schedule. Using FleetSoft can help contractors meet these goals.

Keeping PM's current reduces asset downtime while maintaining safe equipment operations at optimal performance.
  • Dual meter tracking per asset
  • Track an equipment's PM schedule using up to 3 paramters (Days, Miles, Hours, Counts, etc...)
  • E-mail warnings when PM's are approaching due date
  • Outstanding PM alert on Work Order creation

Manage Parts Inventory while maintaining lowest possible inventory cost without forfeiting shop efficiency.
  • Optimize reorder quantity using weighted average or min/max
  • Track part's warranty
  • Core tracking
  • Alternate part number reference
  • Auto purchase order generation when parts reach reorder quantity
  • Monitor parts purchases and usage by vendor

Tires are one of the largest costs directly related to a company's assets. The Tire module helps keep costs as low as possible while delivering optimal performance and reliability.
  • Track tire life cycle, tread wear and vendor warranty information
  • E-mail warnings when tire is approaching end of life cycle
  • Record tire usage history by asset

Ensure the safe operation of assets as well as an employee safe environment while maintaining a high level of performance.
  • Record and receive e-mail warnings when employee licenses, certifications, physicals, training and violations are approaching expiration date
  • Monitor type of equipment employee is trained to operate and service
  • Track fuel consumption, trip logs, service repairs and work orders performed history by employee

Access life cycle cost reports for assets and other fleet data calculations from over 80+ reports to assist in making critical decisions.
  • Detailed reports for parts usage, inventory on hand, fuel usage and more
  • Equipment cost per mile for a date range or life time
  • Perform queries to filter reporting providing only information meeting specified criteria

Maintain your asset's high level of performance at a lower cost utilizing the following features offered in FleetSoft :
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Service performed History
  • Part Usage History
  • Work Order Management
  • Vehicle Warranty Management
  • Employee Management
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Parts Warranty Management
  • E-mail Reminder Notification and Reminder Reports
  • Reported Problems
  • Tire Management
  • Fuel Consumption Management
  • Drivers Daily Log (Trip) Management
  • Asset Licensing & Permits Management
  • Asset Expenses
  • Fuel Interface with 3rd Party Fuel Systems
  • Advanced Reporting, Queries, and Exporting to Excel