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Fleetsoft 25 Years anniversary

Company History

Since 1994 Fleetsoft has been helping fleets manage their operations and make them more efficient. At that time, Modern Business Computing, a computer consulting firm, developed the program and began marketing the program to both small and enterprise fleet organizations in the USA and Canada. After much success, it expanded its sales globally and has helped fleets of all sizes in over 25 countries.

In 2006, management decided to create a new company focused exclusively on fleet management solutions. The newly formed company was called Fleetsoft and today it is the exclusive developer of Truck Tracker fleet maintenance management solutions. Since its inception, Fleetsoft has been a customer driven company that believes in offering excellent customer service and support along with offering the best in state-of-the-art technology. In 2015 the Truck Tracker fleet maintenance software was renamed to Fleetsoft Software.

The Fleetsoft Difference

Fleetsoft has the foresight to develop products and services that will meet current and future needs of an organization's fleet operations. Fleetsoft strives to help its customers meet the high demands of today's fleet operations. Our main goal is to develop software solutions that help fleets become more efficient, optimize their productivity, and reduce operational costs. Fleetsoft Software goes far beyond monitoring and reporting by providing fleet managers the most comprehensive solution to meet the demands of their entire fleet environment. In addition to offering a complete software package, Fleetsoft also provides training, installation, and customization services. Fleetsoft employs talented developers, trained customer service personnel, and experienced consultants. With Fleetsoft you can be assured that your fleet solution will be simple to use, dependable, and scalable. With these resources available, Fleetsoft is capable of delivering a complete fleet management solution to meet the requirements of today's fleet operations. As time progresses, Fleetsoft will continue to grow and develop Fleetsoft software and provide additional services to meet the ever increasing demands of today's fleets.