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Have you heard about Fleetsoft's full Web Application that can be accessed from any device?

Now you can access vital information through the web to manage your fleet's scheduled maintenance and keep operations running smoothly across the board. Fleetsoft boasts a vast amount of features, faster workflows and a robust web application that will help keep your fleet's productivity thriving.

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Why Fleetsoft?

Fleetsoft is devoted to providing solutions for fleets and has accumulated over 25 years of technology and software experience.

Competitive and Refined

Not only is Fleetsoft the pioneer in Fleet Maintenance and Inventory Management Solutions, it is also competitively priced while offering more features.


Fleetsoft has all of the features to create a package that will improve your fleet operations based on your business type, size, users, and budget.


Meeting the needs of companies of all sizes, Fleetsoft software will grow with you as your fleet size and business requirements grow.

Great Support

Our staff receives praise for their personalized customer support. Available on the phone or email during business hours. Read Here for our reviews.

In-House Development

Never static, our software is continually improved with new features that are requested by our users improving our software.

Microsoft SQL Server

With Fleetsoft and Microsoft SQL Server software, your fleet data is safe. You can also access and share your data easily in several different formats.

Fleetsoft Features

Vehicle Maintenance

Track your Vehicle and Asset data to maximize value and to minimize costs through our fleet management software. Store your detailed vehicle information and track vehicle maintenance history.

Parts Inventory

Analyze and optimize your inventory by defining parts and tracking their flow in and out of inventory. Reorder parts directly from the application, easily view and report excess and obsolete inventory, and much more!

Preventive Maintenance

PM Scheduling can calculate reminders based on meter readings and date intervals. Preventive maintenance schedules will maintain a list of services to be performed on your vehicles and when they are due.

Work Orders

Improve the efficiency of your fleet repairs with detailed service and parts cost tracking. Work Orders management allows you to track your work order flow with multiple statuses and add pm reminders.

Barcode Printing and Scanning

Save precious time and making every user's job easier! Scan parts for quicker Check-ins and scan a Vehicle's barcode when doing a Work Order to auto-fill information. Many more barcode scanning features on the way!

Purchase Orders

Auto generate purchase orders based on current part inventory needs and track part purchases precisely with purchase order records. Create purchase orders for outside service and convert to a work order.


Get upcoming or past due vehicle maintenance alerts for Preventive Maintenance, Tire Life, Reported Problems, Licensing and Permits, etc. E-mail Reminders are sent when a new reminder is detected or at a set time each day.

GPS Integration

Vehicle odometers will update automatically-flagging PMs- and fault codes will be sent to Fleetsoft from data brought in from your GPS/telematics provider. Vehicle location is also stored and displayed on a map.

Industry Solutions

  • fleesoft school bus transport Enhance. Safety.

    Maintaining Transportation Assets

    School Bus, Private Transport, and Delivery companies are all top Fleetsoft prospects. The extensive work order system, advanced preventive maintenance scheduling, reported problems, and helpful parts assembly provides the detailed information a shop manager needs to proficiently manage employees, control parts usage, and schedule preventive maintenance.

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  • fleesoft assets police fire ambulance Enhance. Reliability.

    Government Fleet Maintenance

    Counties, municipalities, schools, public transit authorities and other government agencies find themselves responsible for keeping assets operating at optimal performance levels on a restricted budget. Fleetsoft realizes these demands and helps government agencies meet them.

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  • fleesoft assets utility coop electric gas cable Enhance. Savings.

    Utility Fleet Maintenance

    Utility companies depend upon asset availability and dependability to meet the service demands of customers. Meeting these demands requires the assets to be operating safely with minimal downtime. Fleetsoft realizes the efficient operation of a Utility Contractor's fleet is vital to the company's success. Using Fleetsoft Software can help contractors meet these goals.

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  • fleesoft construction assets heavy equiptment Enhance. Quality.

    Maintaining Construction Assets

    Construction contractors need to keep assets operating with minimal downtime and low costs without sacrificing safety. Fleetsoft realizes it is vital to a construction business to have assets available to distribute to each job site for job completion to remain on schedule. Using Fleetsoft can help contractors meet these goals.

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