Manage your fleet with confidence!
  • Fleet Maintenance Management

    Many public and private entities use Truck Tracker fleet maintenance software to help them manage their fleet assets effectively throughout the organization. Truck Tracker has a detailed preventive maintenance scheduling feature that allows you to keep the maintenance on your fleet current, avoiding the costly emergency repairs. The e-mail reminders... Read More
  • Parts Inventory Management

    Truck Tracker has a detailed Parts Inventory module that allows you to track detailed information on the on hand inventory cost, parts usage, suppliers and more. This module optimizes parts inventory levels while maintaining lowest possible inventory costs. It also assists in reducing stock surplus, obsolete parts in inventory, parts inventory shrinkage, and increasing parts warranty recovery. Read More
  • Government Asset Maintenance

    Municipalities, schools, public transit authorities, and other governmental agencies find themselves responsible for keeping assets operating at optimal performance levels on a restricted budget. FleetSoft realizes these demands and helps government agencies meet them. Read More
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Why Truck Tracker?

        • Simplicity - Clean,consistent and intuitive user interface makes it easy to understand and begin using the software to manage your fleet.

        • Dynamic - Never static, Truck Tracker software is continually adding new features that are requested by our users improving our software.

        • Scalable - Truck Tracker software meets the needs of companies small and large with single or multiple sites.

        • Flexible - Whether you are a private fleet tracking vehicle mileage and parts inventory, or a construction company or municipality tracking equipment hours and employee training schedules, Truck Tracker software has many features and options to serve all industries and users.

        • Microsoft SQL Database - Companies are realizing the benefits of database server technology. With Truck Tracker software, you can access and share your data and extract it easily in several different formats.

        • Comprehensive - A proactive approach to fleet maintenance and inventory management tracking PM Schedules, Reported Problems, Parts Reorder Points and more.

        • Stable, Dependable, Reliable - FleetSoft has accumulated over 16 years of fleet technology experience. Devoted to providing the solutions especially for fleets, our name was changed to "FleetSoft" in 2007.

        • Excellent customer support service - FleetSoft's in house development and technical support staff receives praise for their personalized customer support. Available over the phone during business hours or email 24/7.


 Parts Inventory Management Cost Savings Calculator Using Truck Tracker